Sft 1
Custom Map Series
Map by Jellewie and Jesper
Uploaded by LnDProductions
Starring Doublepulse
Map Genre COOP Puzzles
No of Parts 24
Era Team Era
Status: Completed
Started: June 4, 2014
Ended: July 2, 2014

241 (Two For One), previously known as Stay Forever Together, is a CO-OP puzzle adventure custom map in Minecraft, which LnD and Doublepulse plays.


Hi, We are Jellewie and Jesper We’ve made an awesome map, and we call it “241” (2 players, 1 game) As the title says, it’s a Co-Op map where you need to solve puzzles specially designed for two players. There is also a texture pack that makes the map even better, but it is not needed.


  • The map used to be called Stay Forever Together, but the map makers changed it to 241 (Two For One) because of some issues caused by the community in Minecraft Forums about another map with a similar name It's Better Together.
  • During 2012, the last part of this map video had the most views and kept gaining more, thanks to the map creators publishing the video on front page of their map in the forums.
    • Currently the video has over 10k of views, it used to be the most viewed until Voltz showed up.

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