Kreks (oswis)
Player: Kreks
Aliases: O
Alignment: Good
Status: Alive
Personal Information
Occupation: Farmer, Miner
World: B-Team World
Affiliations: LnDProductions, Rewas514
Weapons: Iron Sword
First: A New Team

Kreks is a character in Attack of the B-Team series, more specifically, DinoZoo spin-off series.



Kreks doesn't appear in main series of Attack of the B-Team. Instead, he appears in one of the spin-off series called DinoZoo. Together with LnDProductions and Rewas514, they will try to build a zoo for dinosaurs.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Like everyone else in B-Team World, Kreks has an ability to morph into his previously slained mobs/people. Kreks mostly morphs into a bat for flying and faster travelling. He also likes to morph into a spider.

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