Attack of the B-Team
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Attack of the B-Team
Title Attack of the B-Team
Created by LnDProductions
Starring Lukas
Genre Survival, fun play, let's play
Era Attack of the B-Team Era through Modded Madness Era
No of Episodes 72
7(Farming Dude)
Series Run
Status: Completed
Started: February 9, 2014
Ended: August 14, 2015
For the mod pack, see Attack of the B-Team (modpack).

It's a new survival series in the modpack called Attack of the B-Team!


LnDPro, Doublepulse and Rewas take a challenge to research in the world of Attack of the B-Team. With all it's technology that allow you to go to the moon or mars, all of the genetics that allow you to have abilities, customized weapons, dragons and mysterious biomes - the team will try and survive in this world. Research as many sutff as they can!


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Spin-off seriesEdit

After some time, LnDProductions came up with an idea to start doing spin off series that takes places in B-Team World, but somewhere else than the headquarters.

Farming DudeEdit

Attack of the B-Team: Farming Dude is the first spin-off series created by LnDProductions which debuted on June 2, 2014. The series take places on the same map as Attack of the B-Team series. The goal of this series is for LnD to make the biggest farm on the map.


Attack of the B-Team: DinoZoo is the second spin-off series created by LnDProductions which debuted on August 8, 2014. LnD wanted to have more spin-off series so he asked if one of the new supporters of DLR - Kreks would want to do anything in Attack of the B-Team, he wanted to make a zoo for the dinosaurs. And so the series begin.


  • Episode 56 is the first episode where Doublepulse and Rewas514 do not appear.
  • Episode 62 was livestreamed on Twitch.
  • Episode 63 is the episode of Doublepulse returning after being absent for seven episodes.
    • It is also the start of the role-play part, where they pretend that Doublepulse was stuck on the moon this whole time and everything else what happens is scripted - much like Voltz.
  • Episode 68 is the episode of Rewas514 returning after being absent for twelve episodes.
    • Doublepulse is also absent again, due to him being a "stoned statue".
    • And this is all scripted, where they pretend that Rewas514 was back at the Tiki Village again.
  • Episode 70 was meant to be sort of a montage, to remember all the things that have happened throughout the series. And also Rewas really wanted to time travel.
  • Originally it was planned to hit 100 episodes, but due to lack of commitment put into this, the series have officially ended on Episode 72.