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Here is the list of all the episodes of the series with every each episode's description.

Episode No. Episode Title Episode Description Uploading Date

Episode 1

The First Horrible Night

The start is always the same start like in any new Minecraft series, survive the first night.

Feb 9, 2014
Episode 2 Morph Powers

The team encounter a new abillity, morphing abillity.

Feb 10, 2014
Episode 3 Base Inside A Cave

The team finds perfect place to set up their equipment and make the place a home.

Feb 11, 2014
Episode 4 The Hunt For Clay

The team start off their research by looking for clay and make stuff with them.

Feb 12, 2014
Episode 5 A Terrible Loss

While mining and getting resources, they encount a large amount of mobs which ends up badly...

Feb 15, 2014
Episode 6 The Smeltery

After the team get everything they need, they make a smeltery where they can double the things they smelt!

Feb 17, 2014
Episode 7 Fancy Tools

After getting the smeltery up and running, Lukas teaches Steven and Rewas how to make custom tools.

Feb 19, 2014
Episode 8 Minions

The team encounter a new thing called "Commit to Evil" which grants them a staff to call their very own minions.

Feb 20, 2014
Episode 9 Nether Wasps

The team now has a proper lab where they can research clones and go to the moon or mars!

Feb 24, 2014
Episode 10 So Many Things We Need!

The team sets off on a task for a lot of stuff! Like... a lot.

Feb 26, 2014
Episode 11 Gene Hunting

After realising that cloning system is hard work, the team changes their plans and start researching genes and it's abillities.

Mar 3, 2013
Episode 12 Pulverizer Jokes

While making the machines they need for gene research, they make a few jokes about a machine called Pulverizer.

Mar 5, 2014
Episode 13 DNA Machines

Finally they get their hands on the DNA machines for the genes and abillities.

Mar 7, 2014
Episode 14 Finishing The Gene Work

The team are almost done with the gene research and are about to have some new abillties.

Mar 16, 2014
Episode 15 One More Gene...

Just one more gene won't hurt nobody...

Mar 17, 2014
Episode 16 Life Swap Lukas, Steven and Rewas have swapped lives! The team are planning their next research on Cloning System, but they're running low on Emeralds! Mar 18, 2014
Episode 17 Emerald Problem Lukas, Steven and Rewas have set off on an adventure to find a village where they could get some Emeralds off them villagers. Mar 19, 2014
Episode 18 Safari Net Safari Net. The only thing that saved Lukas, Steven and Rewas from having the emerald problem earlier. Mar 21, 2014
Episode 19 Redstone Flux The team is half way getting their precious emeralds! Lukas and Steven works on getting some rubber bars out of slime, while Rewas makes random stuff! Mar 30, 2014
Episode 20 The Search for the Rubber Tree Steven and Rewas go out to the Nether to find some blazes, while Lukas sets off on an adventure for rubber tree! And all this is just for 'em precious emeralds. Mar 31, 2014
Episode 21 Auto-Spawner The team finally makes their Auto-Spawner. And all this is just for 'em precious emeralds. April 3, 2014
Episode 22 The Sacrifice The team sacrifices some villagers to melt them into Emeralds. April 4, 2014
Episode 23 Back on the Track The team has finally got what they needed and it is time to get back on what they were doing. It's time to get the cloning system up and running. April 6, 2014
Episode 24 Obsidian Hunting Time The team sets off on a hunt for Obsidian! April 8, 2014
Episode 25 Clone Freezer The team are setting up the room for their clone making. April 10, 2014
Episode 26 The Clone Machine The team are preparing the clone machine in the clone freezer room! Soon, they will have their own clones! April 12, 2014
Episode 27 Our Very Own Clones The team finally made it! They have their own clones! April 13, 2014
Episode 28 You're a Clone Forever After a disaster in the previous episode, the team has to resolve the problems! Steven gets a bug that makes him invincible, Lukas helps Steven get all of his stuff back while Rewas just does nothing. April 18, 2014
Episode 29 Employee of the Month The team decides to focus on the moon! Lukas, Steven and Rewas work on getting solar panels. April 18, 2014
Episode 30 Solar Energy The team finally moves out from coal generator into solar panels. April 19, 2014
Episode 31 We're Doing The Moon The team are finally working on the moon! Making heavy duty plates and stuff & thangs for the moon. April 21, 2014
Episode 32 Still Doing The Moon The team continue building the things the rocket needs to go the moon. April 21, 2014
Episode 33 Enhanced Portals The team are 50% done with the rocket! Lukas and Steven are making Portals while Rewas is making himself his own Moon Gear. April 23, 2014
Episode 34 Portals Are Done! The portals are done, the oxygen gear is done, now it's time for the team to compress oxygen, make the rocket and send Rewas to the moon. April 26, 2014
Episode 35 To The Moon! The time is finally here! The team are sending Rewas to the moon. April 27, 2014
Episode 36 Houston, We Have A Problem After sending Rewas to the moon, Lukas and Steven work on getting their oxygen gear, getting ready to go on the moon too, but a problem occurs. April 30, 2014
Episode 37 Improved Base The team is back and ready to fix their problems in the previous episode, but before that, there are new improvements in their base. May 4, 2014
Episode 38 Problem Solved! Lukas goes to the moon to fix the problem, while Steven and Rewas work on their gear, but there is something wrong with the moon. May 9, 2014
Episode 39 Vacation The team goes on vacation! Lukas takes Rewas and Steven to a wonderful land of Piña colada illusion. May 17, 2014
Episode 40 Attack of the Sheep-Team Lukas accidentally cloned a lot of sheep and they have infested the whole base, while Rewas accidentally spawned a Tropics portal inside the base and Steven has to fix it. May 20, 2014
Episode 41 Guns The team are finally crafting some guns so they could take care of this sheep invasion and explore other worlds. May 23, 2014
Episode 42 A Bit of Tornado After a break, Lukas, Steven and Rewas get back to work. New bunch of things to do and explore, they set off to the tropics to build a base and an air balloon, but there is something unexpected coming back towards their base. Jun 7, 2014
Episode 43 T-Rex While working on the Tropics base and the air balloon, the team encounter something very unexpected and causes damage to their place. Jun 9, 2014
Episode 44 Air Balloon After the mysterious disaster in the previous episode, the team continue building the air balloon and having fun with it. Jun 14, 2014
Episode 45 Going Underwater The team continues work in the Tropics, Lukas and Rewas go out to explore the Tropics world, while Steven is building the Tropicbase. Jun 17, 2014
Episode 46 Tiki Village After a long search, Lukas and Rewas find three epic things in the Tropics - Mahogany wood, Volcano and the locals while Steven struggles through his difficult mission to build a simple base. Jun 22, 2014
Episode 47 Tiki Rewas The team is back in action and continue their work on tropic base while one of their member is acting a bit odd. Jun 22, 2014
Episode 48 Tiki Curse Lukas and Steven continue building their base while realizing that their teammate Rewas is under the control of the Tiki Curse in the Tiki Village of the Tiki Island with it's Tiki Food and Tiki Water. Jun 26, 2014
Episode 49 Lukas' Source The team's back and ready to work on the moon once again! Lukas shows Steven and Rewas what his source did to their base. Jul 16, 2014
Episode 50 Where's Rewas' Gear? While working in the moon, Rewas lost his gear, but where? Lukas helps him out while Steven continues building the moon base. Jul 18, 2014
Episode 51 Oxygen Sealer The team continue building the moon base on the moon, while Lukas makes the Oxygen Sealer. Jul 22, 2014
Episode 52 Mase Team's back after a long movie night in their break room, they continue their work on the Mase on the moon. Aug 29, 2014
Episode 53 Chisel Blocks Lukas shows new way of decorating their places with Chisel Blocks. Aug 31, 2014
Episode 54 Meteoric Stuff Steven sets off to explore the moon and collect meteors while Rewas decorates the Mase and Lukas sets up the oxygen machines. Sep 3, 2014
Episode 55 Ready To Seal Finishing off the machines, Mase is ready to be sealed. Sep 6, 2014
Episode 56 Abandoning The Moon The base is empty, resources are running low, no food. Lukas, all left alone, has to solve the problems within the base. Nov 15, 2014
Episode 57 Grinder Lukas continues his work on making infinite food in the base, he makes a grinder. Nov 19, 2014
Episode 58 Grinding Room After expanding the base a little, Lukas continues making the grinding pig room to work. Nov 20, 2014
Episode 59 The Pig Grinder It is complete! The Pig Grinder is up and working and the main base will never run out of food. Nov 23, 2014
Episode 60 Wood Productions Lukas decides to come back to the base and start working towards Wood Production system! May 8, 2015
Episode 61 The Planter Lukas continues his work on the wood productions system, by making a Planter! May 12, 2015
Episode 62 The Horrible Night Lukas accidentally shots one of his best two workers, but also makes some progress! May 17, 2015
Episode 63 Moon Wonderer Apparently Steven was on the moon, trapped, this whole time! Jun 11, 2015
Episode 64 Moon Internet According to Steven, Moon Internet is the best internet in the universe. What about Mars? Jun 14, 2015
Episode 65 Robotic Mechs Steven and Lukas get the robotic mechs working! Jun 16, 2015
Episode 66 Moon Dungeon Steven and Lukas go out exploring on the moon, looking for the moon boss dungeon! Jun 19, 2015
Episode 67 Consequences As they defeat the moon boss dungeon, something very terrible happens! A curse of some sort? Jun 20, 2015
Episode 68 A Need of Help Steven is a statue and Lukas has no idea how to undo the curse! Maybe someone could help! Jun 27, 2015
Episode 69 The Death of Doublepulse As Rewas and Lukas try their best to save Steven, they... kinda make a mistake. Jun 28, 2015
Episode 70 Back To The Past Rewas and Lukas perform the forbidden Tiki blood magic to time travel back to the past and rescue Steven from his fate! Jul 2, 2015
Episode 71 Alternative Reality The team time travel to an alternate reality where they find something very horrible and a sign of what they must do next. Aug 9, 2015
Episode 72 (Final) The Finale Bad things are haunting them back. Will they survive? What will happen next?! This concludes the last and final episode of Attack of the B-Team. Aug 14, 2015

Farming DudeEdit

Episode Number Episode Title Episode Description Uploading Date
Episode 1 Getting Started It's a beautiful land out there and it's time to be responsible of it, Farmer Lukas sets off on a mission: make a huge farm. Jun 2, 2014
Episode 2 First Steps Farmer Lukas continues making a flat land at his new farming location. Jun 6, 2014
Episode 3 Dirting it Up After making the land a bit flat, it's time to "dirt" it all up. Jun 12, 2014
Episode 4 So Much Work It's time for the farmer Lukas to get back to work. Jun 28, 2014
Episode 5 Farming House Decs Farmer Lukas decorates his farmer house with chiseled glass and cool looking doors. Jun 30, 2014
Episode 6 More Decorations Farmer Lukas continues decorating his farmer house and starts the construction of the barn. Jul 5, 2014
Episode 7 Barn Farmer Lukas is building the barn.

Jul 9, 2014


Episode Number Episode Title Episode Description Uploading Date
Episode 1 A New Team A new team forms up and plans to build a huge dinosaur zoo. Aug 8, 2014
Episode 2 Terrible Start The new team ends up having trouble. Aug 10, 2014
Episode 3 Trouble with Mobs The DinoZoo crew are having more trouble with the mobs. Aug 12, 2014
Episode 4 Fences Up! The DinoZoo crew put some fences up to protect their base. Aug 17, 2014

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