Creeper Quest
Custom Map Series
Map by Svampan
Uploaded by LnDProductions
Starring Doublepulse
Map Genre Quests, adventures
No of Parts 12
Era Team Era
Status: Completed
Started: May 14, 2012
Ended: May 18, 2012
Creeper Quest is the very first custom map that LnD and Doublepulse did a let's play on. The custom map creator is Svampan.


Creeper Quest is all about loot and epic open world questing!

Your objective is to explore the land, in search of powerful items and equipment, that can help you on the final quest - the creeper quest! This is an indirectly story driven open world adventure map with an ending. Are you tired of aimlessly searching through generic maps in search of something to do? then creeper quest is for you. In Creeper Quest all quests are marked with a yellow exclamation mark, making them easy to distinct from the extensive environment. The quests consist of long questlines, through very diverse dungeons and environments, with epic loot and rewards in the end. The items you find and the choices you make throughout the sidequests, will have a huge impact on how well you'll do in the final quest. Special quest items you've found on your journey will open new posibilities for completing the challenges, and completely change your options. This map is not considered very difficult, as it is more of an epic adventure than a challenge. However, you will die..


  • Creeper Quest is the first custom map that LnD and Doublepulse did a lets play on and uploaded on LnD's channel.
  • During that time, LnD had a very very very old skin of his.

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