Evolution of Gaming DLR
DLR era
Title DLR
Type Gamers and YouTubers
Jobs Record and commentate games and upload on YouTube
Leader N/A
Status Active
Formed N/A

DLR is a group of YouTube gamers where they record their gameplay and upload it on YouTube.

Originally, after the disbandment of Evolution of Gaming, the group was nameless until this wiki was created as DLR wiki, thus DLR was officially named.

DLR stands for Doublepulse LnD and Rewas , three main members of the team.


Like in Evolution of Gaming group, this group's is the same: record and upload videos on YouTube. Although, sometimes Rewas, Jbadboy and Doublepulse upload videos, LnD uploads the most often.

Member HistoryEdit

Some members from Evolution of Gaming decided to leave the group and join DLR as either supporters or members. The most notable members that joined DLR first were LnDProductions, Doublepulse, Rewas514, Jbadboy and Darkseller63.

Then followed by them, other people joined such as SatournFan, Kowalski and Aistissan.

During Christmas 2013, one of LnD's friends, Proptic, decided to join DLR as a supporter. Later he became a full member as he'll appear in an upcoming roleplay series called Wrath of the Giants.

Later, during Summer 2014, DLR played Garry's Mod and met Kreks. He joined a random server, which it was host by LnDProductions.

On 3rd October, 2014, Darkseller, due to various reasons, left the community for good.


Name Rank Team Status
LnDProductionsMemberTeam BeardsActive
DoublepulseMemberTeam BeardsActive
Rewas514MemberTeam BadassActive
Darkseller63Member-Left Group
JbadboyMemberTeam BadassInactive
AistissanSupporter-Left Group

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