DYOM Trio Era
DYOM Trio Cover
Title DYOM Trio Era
Started August 6, 2011
Ended December 17, 2011
Main Focus Creating missions
Previous Era: N/A
Next Era: LnDProductions Era
The DYOM Trio Era, also known as The First Era, is the first era of DLR. This era is focused on a team called DYOM Trio and their missions. It is also the era where LnD revealed himself on YouTube and started his first lets play. It is followed by LnDProductions Era.


On August 6, 2011, Cool Man (also known as Rewas later) suggested that he, with LeonCJ (also known as LnD later) and Doublepulse, should create a team that creates the missions about their experience on SAMP. So, they created a topic in gtaforums to post their missions and events. LeonCJ was a topic starter and logo designer. Doublepulse was mission poster and COOLMAN was Character info, Gang info and Trophies' writer. So far, they have one event, LeonCJ's Betrayal.[1]

Team Fortress 2Edit

Some days after, Trio have downloaded TF2 from Steam and started fighting their ways with each other on empty servers. Some members of the Skype Group Chat joins too, such as Pauliux2 and Aistissan.

The Trio GroupEdit

On 13 September 2011, LeonCJ created YouTube channel The Trio Group that contains DYOM Trio gameplay of SAMP. Starting doing commentary videos is one opportunity to get more attention and popularity in YouTube.

At the beginning of making comedy commentary videos is very hard.


At the beginning of the October, 2011, all DYOM Trio members started to play Minecraft. And somehow, Minecraft got Trio addicted to it.

November 3rd IncidentEdit

A huge break down happened in November 3rd, 2011. The Skype chat has splitted apart, everyone splitted. DYOM Trio broke and never came back, the reason unknown, but rumours are that it's all because of pauliux2 and aistissan fights during Minecraft, but now the skype chat is back, but no longer as DYOM Trio.

Timeline (2011)Edit



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