Evolution of Gaming DLR
Evolution of Gaming: Gamers United
Title Evolution of Gaming: Gamers United
Type Gaming
Jobs Record and Upload video footage on YouTube
Leader Doublepulse
Status Inactive
Formed July 15, 2012
Disbanded N/A

Evolution of Gaming: Gamers Reunited! is a group that was created after the team DYOM Trio disbanded. The group focused more on gaming and chatting.

After most of the members left the group, Evolution of Gaming became majorly inactive, but the group still exists as Official DYOM Group.


The Beginning

In mid July, 2012, LnD and Doublepulse started a new chat with people that aren't from DYOM, that started more gaming. DYOM users that were previously added in the previous group, were added to the new group and started new community. The new members were Jbadboy and his friends, although his friends either left the chat or were kicked due to various reasons.

Activities and Members

The activities in Evolution of Gaming were playing popular games and, sometimes, recording the gameplay of it and uploading it to YouTube, such as: Team Fortress 2 and Minecraft.

Fresh Start

After some time, LnD left the group to start yet another group, which focused more about gaming. The group remained unnamed, until Rewas suggested to name it DLR for the time being.


Name Rank Team Status
DoublepulseLeaderDYOM TrioSemi-Active
Rewas514MemberDYOM TrioInactive
LnDProductionsMemberDYOM TrioLeft Group
AistissanMember-Left Group
JbadboyMember-Left Group

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