Player: Darkseller63 Darkseller63
Alignment: Good
Status: Unknown
Personal Information
World: Mine Earth
Affiliations: The Survivors
First: The Forest
Last: Alliance

Darkseller63 is one of the Survivors in Hardcore Group Survival series.


Hardcore Group Survival

Doublepulse, LnD, Rewas and Darkseller started a hardcore group survival in a random world. Their survival was so far successful. They built their home in a cave, where they started to mine. Rewas later discovered diamonds. With them, he built a diamond pickaxe and gave away to LnDProductions. Later, sadly, Doublepulse and Darkseller were killed.

Ultimate Hardcore Group Survival

While not appearing in New Hardcore Group Survival, Darkseller was revived in Ultimate Hardcore Group Survival, where he help the survivors for a couple of days. When Rewas killed LnDProductions in the final battle, Darkseller's status became unknown. He's presumed to be alive.

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