Doublepulse Normal

WOF Doublepulse

Player: Doublepulse Doublepulse
Alignment: Good
Status: Deceased
Personal Information
Occupation: Fisherman
World: Mine Earth
Home: Cave House, Fisherman's Hut.
Affiliations: The Survivors
Weapons: Fishing Rod
First: The Forest
Last: Crazy Night

Doublepulse was one of the survivors in Hardcore Group Survival.


Hardcore Group Survival

Doublepulse, LnD, Rewas and Darkseller started a hardcore group survival in a random world. Their survival was so far successful. They built their home in a cave, where they started to mine. Later, sadly, Doublepulse was killed. At the end of the first series, LnD built a nether and Zombie pigmen invaded their home, killing remain survivors.

It is later revealed, Doublepulse was revived using the three day revival rule in hardcore series. He trapped in obsidian box by Wither and later drugged with the cursed potion, where his councesness traveled to another world.

New Hardcore Group Survival

He, Rewas and LnD continued their "survival" in yet another world. They built a fisherman's hut and successfully survived for 13 days. He was actualy killed in 15th day and revived in 3 days, but there was no footage of it.

Ultimate Hardcore Survival

Everyone who were killed in the first and second series were woken up in death prison in Nether, excluding Doublepulse, where he woke up the last place he was drugged: in obsidian box. He was saved by LnDProductions and others and they left their island.


  • Killed from fall damage (Hardcore Group Survival)
  • Killed by an unknown mob (New Hardcore Group Survival; off-screen)
  • Killed by Skeleton (Ultimate Hardcore Group Survival)

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