Assassin Jbadboy

Jbadboy original

Player: Jbadboy Jbadboy
Alignment: Neutral
Status: Deceased
Cause of Death: Killed by a wolf (New Hardcore)

Killed by LnDProductions(Ultimate Hardcore)

Personal Information
World: Cursed World (New Hardcore)

Mine Earth (Ultimate Hardcore)

Home: Fisherman's Hut
First: A New Survivor
Last: First Death

Jbadboy is a supporting character in Hardcore Group Survival series.


Jbadboy only debuted in the second series of Hardcore Survival. He was from Cursed World, where everything was cursed. He joined the survivors: Rewas514, LnDProductions and Doublepulse. He was later killed by a wolf, which he attacked him first.

In the third and final series, he with Rewas514 and LnDProductions escaped the death prison in Nether, where everyone from the first and second series died. They traveled until they found a perfect land to live on. The things get worse when Jbadboy was suspected for trying to burn down LnDProductions' house. He was later ultimately killed by LnDProductions with a sword. LnD claims that it was for self-defense.

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