620px-Wolf (Wild)
Status: Alive
Alignment: Unknown
Personal Information
World: Mine Earth
Home: Cliff Village
Affiliations: Zaver
First: Aftermath

620px-Wolf (Wild)
Status: Deceased
Alignment: Good
Personal Information
World: Cursed World
Home: Fisherman's Hut
Affiliations: Doublepulse
First: Jogernbougher
Last: The Revival

Jogernbougher is a wolf that was born in Cursed World during New Hardcore Group Survival and belongs to Doublepulse. In Ultimate Hardcore Group Survival: Aftermath, it was revealed that the counterpart of Jogernbougher in Mine Earth also exists, which he belongs to Zaver.


New Hardcore Group SurvivalEdit

Jogernbougher was born to Mile (red collar wolf) and Sasha (yellow collar wolf). Because of their collar colours, Jogernbougher was given an orange collar. After his birth, LnD came up with a "weird" name for him, which currently he's fond to it. Jogernbougher together with his parents lived in the Fisherman's hut with the survivors.

After LnD's revival, Rewas bred Jogernbougher with Franklin (black collar wolf) and had a baby wolf together.