Player: LnDProductions LnDProductions
Alignment: Evil
Status: Deceased
Personal Information
World: Mine Earth
Home: Cave House, Fisherman's Hut
Affiliations: The Survivors
First: The Forest
Last: The Final Battle

You guys fucking tricked me!

Ultimate Hardcore Survival Day 6: Crazy Night LnDProductions

LnDProductions was one of the survivors in Hardcore Group Survival series.


Hardcore Group Survival

Doublepulse, LnD, Rewas and Darkseller started a hardcore group survival in a random world. Their survival was so far successful. They built their home in a cave, where they started to mine. Later, sadly, Doublepulse and Darkseller were killed. At the end of the first series, LnD built a nether and Zombie pigmen invaded their home, killing LnDProductions, and finally, Rewas514.

New Hardcore Group Survival

Rewas, Doublepulse and LnDProductions continued their "survival" in yet another world. They found a good land for their new lives and they built the Fisherman's Hut. They also built quest wall or to-do list wall, where they would post what kind of quests they had to do. LnD was also the one who bred and named Jogernbougher, one of the wolves in the series.

Sadly, on the same day as Jogernbougher's birth, LnD died from an explosion caused by a Creeper. Luckily he was revived later after 3 days by Rewas514.

Ultimate Hardcore Group Survival

Everyone who were killed in the first and second series were woken up in death prison in Nether, excluding Doublepulse, where he woke up the last place he was drugged: in obsidian box. They escaped the prison, rescued Doublepulse and sailed to another land. They found a mountain island, where they started to live seperately. Jbadboy was killed by LnDProductions and Doublepulse was killed by a skeleton. Rewas and LnD started their final battle for surviving. Lastly, LnDProductions tried to strike Rewas514, but got burned to death.


  • Killed by Zombie Pigman (Hardcore Group Survival)
  • Killed by Creeper (New Hardcore Group Survival)
  • Killed by Rewas514 (Ultimate Hardcore Group Survival)

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