Rewas514 2

XMAS Rewas

Player: Rewas514 Rewas514
Aliases: Rewas514 (formerly)
Alignment: Villain
Status: Alive
Personal Information
Occupation: Hunter
World: Mine Earth
Home: Cliff Village, Fisherman's Hut, Cave House
Affiliations: The Survivors
Weapons: Georgy
First: The Forest

My name is Rewas514, well I used to called like that, but I've decided to change my name to something... different. My current name is Zaver.

Ultimate Hardcore Group Survival: Aftermath Rewas514

Rewas514 was one of the survivors and the protagonist in Hardcore Group Survival series. After his final battle with LnDProductions, he turned into evil side, thus renaming himself to Zaver. Him and Darkseller, are the only survivors in the series.


Hardore Group Survival

Doublepulse, LnD, Rewas and Darkseller started a hardcore group survival in a random world. Their survival was so far successful. They built their home in a cave, where they started to mine. Rewas later discovered diamonds. With them, he built a diamond pickaxe and gave away to LnDProductions. Later, sadly, Doublepulse and Darkseller were killed. At the end of the first series, LnD built a nether and Zombie pigmen invaded their home, killing LnDProductions, and finally, Rewas514.

New Hardcore Group Survival

Rewas, Doublepulse and LnDProductions continued their "survival" in yet another world. They found a good land for their new lives and they built the Fisherman's Hut. They also built quest wall or to-do list wall, where they would post what kind of quests they had to do. They also had a lot of wolves. The team successfully survived for 13 days.

Ultimate Hardcore Group Survival

Everyone who were killed in the first and second series were woken up in death prison in Nether, excluding Doublepulse, where he woke up the last place he was drugged: in obsidian box. They escaped the prison, rescued Doublepulse and sailed to another land. They found a mountain island, where they started to live seperately. Jbadboy was killed by LnDProductions and Doublepulse was killed by a skeleton. Rewas and LnD started their final battle for surviving. Luckily, Rewas514 killed LnDProductions and turned into evil side. He and Darkseller are currently the only people alive.


In Ultimate Hardcore Group Survival: Aftermath it is revealed that Rewas joined the evil side and renamed himself as Zaver. After studying, building a clone machine and upgrading it to a world travelling machine, Zaver has discovered that emeralds from different worlds have unexplainable powers. Zaver has a quest to collect as many of them as he can so he could gain power.


Main article: Voltz:Rewas514

Zaver used his world travelling machine to visit Voltz world in order for him to gain emeralds from that world. He took over Rewas' body from that world and began plotting his plan.

Abilities and Powers


Main article: Georgy

Georgy is a diamond pickaxe that belongs to Rewas514 and temporary LnDProductions. Rewas514 crafted this diamond pickaxe from diamonds that were found in Skeleton's Ravine.

World Travel

This is the list of worlds that Zaver has travelled with his machine after he became Zaver.

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