Hardcore Group Survival
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Hardcore Group Survival
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Title Hardcore Group Survival
Created by Rewas514
Starring Rewas514
Seasons 3
Era Hardcore Group Era(HS)

Voltz Era(NHS/UHS)

Series Run
Status: Completed
Started: December 16, 2012
Ended: June 18, 2013
Hardcore Group Survival is a trilogy series created by Rewas514. The purpose of the series is to survive in Hardcore mode in Minecraft with LnDProductions, Doublepulse, Darkseller63 and Jbadboy.

The trilogy began with Hardcore Group Survival then followed by New Hardcore Group Survival and later then ended by Ultimate Hardcore Group Survival. After the last series, a new trilogy has started, called Hardcore Group Survival 2.


Hardcore Group Survival

Hardcore Group Survival is the first series of the trilogy. It involves Rewas514, LnDProductions, Doublepulse and Darkseller63 in a world of Minecraft. Their main goal is to survive in hardcore gamemode.

Their main shelter was a Cave House where they lived in all survival days. The team had survived for 15 days, until accidental deaths happened and zombie pigmen started to invade the world, thanks to LnDProductions.

No Episode Name Uploaded On
Day 1 The Forest Dec 15, 2012
Day 2 New Base Dec 16, 2012
Day 3 The Food Chest Dec 16, 2012
Day 4 Cheating Death Dec 16, 2012 
Day 5 The Two Knuckleheads Dec 16, 2012
Day 6 Setting Sail Dec 16, 2012
Day 7 Jobs Dec 17, 2012
Day 8 The Skeleton Ravine Dec 17, 2012
Day 9 The Golden Clock Dec 17, 2012
Day 10 Best Christmas Present EVER! Dec 17, 2012
Day 11 Death Policy Dec 18, 2012
Day 12 The Map Dec 18, 2012
Day 13 Operation: Sugarcanes Dec 19, 2012
Day 14 The Nether Portal Dec 19, 2012
Day 15 The Invasion Dec 20, 2012

New Hardcore Group Survival

New Hardcore Group Survival is the second series of the trilogy. It involves all the players, except Darkseller63, again in Hardcore gamemode, but this time, in a different world. The world was cursed, because everything they tried to do was an unlucky experience for them.

The players had survived for 13 days in their own built house - Fisherman's Hut, unlike in the previous series. Later, Jbadboy joins the survivors, but eventually, he's killed by Doublepulse's wolf that he tamed.

No Episode Name Uploaded On
Day 1 The Return May 14, 2013
Day 2 Safe House May 15, 2013
Day 3 Moving Out May 18, 2013
Day 4 A New Survivor May 18, 2013
Day 5 Dog Problems May 19, 2013
Day 6 THIS FOREST IS ON FIIIRE! May 20, 2013
Day 7 Pig Suicider May 22, 2013
Day 8 Choosing A Job May 26, 2013
Day 9 Jogernbougher May 26, 2013
Day 10 Voice From The Dead May 27, 2013
Day 11 The Quest Log May 28, 2013
Day 12 The Docks May 29, 2013
Day 13 The Revival May 30, 2013

Ultimate Hardcore Group Survival

Ultimate Hardcore Group Survival is the third and final series of the trilogy.

It is revealed that in the first series, everyone who died, except Doublepulse who should've been revived at the end of first series, were imprisoned in the Nether, making the Nether the afterlife. Although, Jonathan was never in the first series, yet he appeared with everyone in the Nether.

After the Survivors escaped the Nether, they headed back to their Cave House where they found Doublepulse stuck in an Obsidian box. Then, everyone used stored boats and traveled around the world to find a new home for their survival. Finding the new land, the survivors started to build their own respective houses. Eventually, Jbadboy was killed by LnDProductions, claiming it was for self-defense, Doublepulse fell to his death, Darkseller returned and Rewas514 and LnDProductions had a final duel, which resulted in Rewas' victory and LnD's death.

No Episode Name Uploaded On
Day 1 Back to Reality June 7, 2013
Day 2 Selfishness June 8, 2013
Day 3 It's WAR! June 10, 2013
Day 4 First Death June 13, 2013
Day 5 Alliance June 14, 2013
Day 6 Crazy Night June 17, 2013
Day 7 The Final Battle June 18, 2013

Ultimate Hardcore Group Survival: Aftermath

Ultimate Hardcore Group Survival: Aftermath is a special episode that was made after the trilogy.

It reveals what happened after the events of Ultimate Hardcore Group Survival. It is revealed that Rewas joined the evil side and renamed himself as Zaver. After studying, building a clone machine and upgrading it to a world travelling machine, Zaver has discovered that emeralds from different worlds have unexplainable powers. Zaver has a quest to collect as many of them as he can so he could gain power.

Hardcore Group Survival 2

Main article: Hardcore Group Survival 2


While first and third series are taken in the same world, the second series was taken in a completely different world.

Mine Earth

Main article: Mine Earth

Hardcore Group Survival trilogy has started in a world called Mine Earth. It is like every other world in Minecraft. The world's primary spawn is in a snowy forest, where it usually snows. In this world there are only three known islands: The First Island, the Desert Island and the Mountain Island.

Cursed World

Main article: Cursed World

New Hardcore Group Survival takes places in a new world called the Cursed World. The world is completely different from Mine Earth. It wasn't much explored.


There were many deaths during the series, but, because of fast deaths during the debut of the series, there were some minor rules added in order to prevent finishing the series so quickly. All three series have their own respective rules.

  • In Hardcore Group Survival, If a person accidentally or purposely dies, he can only return after 3 Minecraft days. Although, if Rewas dies, the series would end.
  • There were special rules for Jbadboy and everybody else in New Hardcore Group Survival. The Survivors had to rescue him or anyone who have died from the Nether in order for him to come back to life. Sadly, it didn't happen.
  • In Ultimate Hardcore Group Survival, the ultimate death was negated for the first 3 days since the series' debut. After that, all rules about reviving a person was terminated, ergo, dying would result in ultimate death, without resurrection. 


  • The series become partly role-play series only in the Ultimate Hardcore Group Survival.