For an airship in Guns of Icarus Online, see Jogernbougher (airship).

Jogernbougher is a wolf that appears in some of Minecraft series.


Jogernbougher looks like just any other wolf in Minecraft.


Hardcore Group SurvivalEdit

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Jogernbougher debuts in New Hardcore Group Survival. Jogernbougher was born to two of Doublepulse's wolves.

He later reappears in Ultimate Hardcore Group Survival: Aftermath as Zaver's wolf.

The Adventures in Rewas' WorldEdit

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Jogernbougher's second appearance is in one of fun-survival series called The Adventures in Rewas World. He's spawned by Rewas514, but with a different name: JougernBougher. He's later killed by Jbadboy. After his death, Rewas immediately spawned hundreds of Jogernboughers.