Penguin The Hunter
Kowalski skin
Username Kowalski
aka Kowa
Gender Male
Age June 1, 1998 (Template:Four digit-06) (age 21)
Nationality Poland Polish
Affiliations DLR
Minecraft Information
Username KowalskiGuy
Hair color Black
Eye color Blue
Activity Information
Status Active
Debut Cards Against Humanity
Kowalski is one of the members of DLR. He's known as DLR's penguin mascot. He used to talk during early days of his debut, but now he writes in-game chats or uses sound effects to communicate.

He is now known on LnD's channel as he officially is a regular member of the San Andreas Multiplayer series and some Garry's Mod videos. In 2015, he started to be more active in DLR.


Kowalski's skin has black hair and blue eyes. He wears white shirt with dark red GTA San Andreas inspired baseball jacket with white sleeves over it and blue pants.

He also has a penguin skin as a second layer.


Attack of the B-Team EraEdit

The Terminus EraEdit

Modded Madness EraEdit




Kowalski's stats in Minecraft
Knowledge Creativity Teamwork Parkour Talking
?? / 100
71 / 100
?? / 100
?? / 100
0 / 100
Acting Friendly Hostility Activity Sound Effects
?? / 100
70 / 100
22 / 100
65 / 100


  • For now, he's the first and only Polish member of DLR.
  • Before, Kowalski was not really known on LnD's channel, only made some cameo appearences on series like Cards Against Humanity and Unturned, but now has successfully became a regular.
  • He likes rock music, A LOT.
  • His penguin skin contains of a hidden John Cena main layer.

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