Username Kreks
aka Proptic's brother
Gender Male
Age 4 November 1997 (Template:Four digit-11-04) (age 22)
Nationality Lithuania Lithuanian
Affiliations DLR
Minecraft Information
Username Kreks
Hair color Brown
Eye color Blue
Activity Information
Status Active
Partner LnDPro
Debut Garry's Mod (TTT)

Kreks is the latest member of DLR. He's jokingly referred as Proptic's brother, because of his similar personality to Proptic. He's used to be known as oswis in Minecraft, until he got a new account.

DLR met Kreks during one of the Trouble in Terrorist Town matches in Garry's Mod. The team decided to officially add him to DLR as a supporter.


Kreks' Minecraft skin is based on a pirate. He has brown hair and blue eyes. He wears a bright yellow shirt, a pair of gloves, similar to Rewas514's, dark red pants and black shoes.


Attack of the B-Team EraEdit

Christmas 2014 EraEdit

Terminus EraEdit

Modded Madness EraEdit


At the start of August, while DLR were playing Trouble in Terrorist Town in Garry's Mod, Kreks joined the server as Nieks. While playing in the server, he became friends with DLR and decided to join their Skype group.

Kreks started to participate in more of Garry's Mod rounds and even started a new Attack of the B-Team spin-off series called DinoZoo.


Kreks's stats in Minecraft
Knowledge Creativity Teamwork Parkour Talking
94 / 100
93 / 100
68 / 100
?? / 100
75 / 100
Acting Friendly Hostility Activity '
?? / 100
72 / 100
49 / 100
65 / 100


Attack of the B-TeamEdit

Hello and welcome to DinoZoo. We have LnDProductions... and me... and a Spider.

DinoZoo Episode 1


  • He's the fifth Lithuanian that joined DLR.
  • Although, he's refered to Proptic's brother, he's not related to him in any way.
  • Similar like Proptic, before joining DLR, Kreks played a match in Garry's Mod with the rest of DLR.

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