Modded Madness Era
Title Modded Madness Era
Started July 22, 2015
Ended June 1, 2016
Main Focus Obscurity
Attack of the B-Team
Space Astronomy
Previous Era: The Terminus Era
Next Era: Discord Era
 The Modded Madness Era is the eleventh era of DLR. This era focuses on various of modpacks on Minecraft, such as Attack of the B-Team, Obscurity and Space Astronomy. This era also focuses a bit on San Andreas Multiplayer, GTA V PC and Holiday Livestream 2015. This era also marks as Rewas comeback in uploading videos in his own channel after a one-year break and starting a new series - Hardcore Group Survival Reborn. The era was supposed to focus on modpacks such as Agrarian Skies 2 and Crash Landing (Voltz Sequal), but unfortunately, Jbadboy has been inactive and LnDPro has ended partnership with Doublepulse. This era is preceeded by Terminus Era and followed by Discord Era.


Modded MinecraftEdit

Sometime during July, 2015 - LnDPro came up with an idea of making a lot of series on various of modpacks on Minecraft. And thus it started a new series called Obscurity with Kreks. It also brought an end to their main series - Attack of the B-Team on August 14.

LnDPro had more ideas for other modpacks too, such as Agrarian Skies 2 and Crash Landing (Voltz Sequal), but unfortunately, with all the problems everyone had throughout the year - those series were postponed.

On November 30 - Space Astronomy was started with Proptic, Rewas and LnDPro.

GTA 5Edit


Friendship's OverEdit

Sometime during January, 2016 - LnDPro and Doublepulse had a rough relationship and thus ended their friendship and, of course, their YouTube partnership. Their partnership lasted for 5 years, since 2011 and now it is over.

It is unknown whether they will come back together or not. Their last series together is 241-2 custom map on Minecraft, which won't be completed too.

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