Title Obscurity
Created by LnDProductions
Starring Kreks
Genre Quest Book
Hardcore Survival
Modpack Series
Era Modded Madness Era
No of Episodes 5(Currently)
Series Run
Status: Active
Started: July 22, 2015

This is a new survival series, with hardcore elements and a quest-book feature on a modpack called Obscurity.


Kreks and LnDPro enter the world of Obscurity where they are given a limit of lives, a quest-book to help them in their journey and a personal shrinking device. The enemies are in hardcore difficulty and are very difficult to defeat, they must complete quests in the quest book in order to survive and gain more stuff - will they survive in a dark place where the darkness rules and the light is their only option, otherwise the darkness might devour their soul.


Part No. Part Name Video Description Uploading Date
#1 Bubble But Kreks and Lukas enter the world where darkness has taken over and might devour our souls if we won't find a light source or a shelter to hide from the lurking monsters inside the darkness.

July 22, 2015

#2 Evil Child As they dig down in the hole, Kreks and Lukas encounter some mysterious mobs... such as an evil child. Jul 24, 2015
#3 Underground Trees Kreks comes up with an idea to grow trees underground. Jul 27, 2015
#4 Happy Digging Lukas makes some basic tools for them to dig some basic stuff! Aug 2, 2015
#5 Flooded It was the time to make an infinite water supply, but Kreks uses it for his own shenanigans. Aug 13, 2015
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