Power of the Void
Custom Map Series
Map by Manusha
Uploaded by LnDProductions
Starring Doublepulse
Map Genre Adventure, Quests
No of Parts 16
Era Team Era
Status: Completed
Started: June 12, 2012
Ended: July 5, 2012
Minecraft: Power of the Void is another custom map played by LnDProductions and Doublepulse.


The town of Newoak has pushed the limits of Minecraftia's technologies! Professor Vesanus, a honored citizen of Newoak, has developed and constructed devices through redstone circuitry that no Minecraftians have ever dreamed of! Newoak was thriving with business and morale was high!
This happiness unfortunately would not last though... One fateful day Vesanus was reported with a strange unknown sickness that he claimed would be fatal. A mere week later, the professor was found dead, laying in bed at his home, a painless death it appeared.
Vesanus' death seemed legitimate to most the townsfolk for awhile, until rumors sprouted up, and became out of control. Many villagers claimed Vesanus had changed how he acted dramatically when he thought others were not looking, and that he appeared to be perfectly healthy. Then the technology around town started to miss fundamental pieces, and strange occurrences started being reported in the town crypt where Vesanus' tomb resides. The Newoak Town Council had enough and decided to take action.
The Newoak Council has begun an investigation and seeks worthy adventurers willing to push themselves to the limits in order to return the town to it's former prosperity!
How serious of a matter could this really be?
How did Vesanus create such complex redstone devices?
Why would Vesanus fake his death?
What is the true fate of Vesanus?
What sort of secrets may lie beyond your path?
What dangers could you face in order to save Newoak?

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