Username Proptic
aka Todd Jacobout
Gender M
Age 1996-04-30 (Template:Four digit-04-30) (age 23)
Nationality Lithuania Lithuanian
Minecraft Information
Username Megnet(former)
Activity Information
Status Semi-Active
Partner LnDPro
Debut Christmas 2013

Proptic is a member of DLR and one of the friends of LnDProductions.

He joined on Dec 22, 2013 and later debuted during one of the Garry's Mod videos in early 2014. He would have had a major role in a Wrath of the Giants series, but it was cancelled.


The username "Proptic" comes from a term "prop", which refers to Prop Hunt, one of the popular Garry's Mod game modes.

His Minecraft username "Megnet" might be a reference to "magnet".


So far Proptic's has only one skin which is from his Wrath of the Giants role.


Attack of the B-Team EraEdit

Christmas 2014 EraEdit

Terminus EraEdit

Modded Madness EraEdit


Proptic knew LnD before he even joined DLR, because they are enrolled in the same school in real life.

On December 22, 2013, Proptic participated in Garry's Mod Trouble in Terrorist Town match. After the match, Proptic joined DLR as a supporter He also participated in some Counter-Strike: Global Offensive matches. Later he first appeared in one of LnD's Garry's Mod videos.

LnD had an idea to start a new roleplay series called Wrath of the Giants and making Proptic one of the most important character in the series, the King of Propindell, but the series was cancelled without releasing a single episode.

Unfortunately, Proptic's laptop broke and he started to participate in less of LnD's videos, but during 2015, he bought a new computer and started to appear in more LnD's videos.


Proptic's stats in Minecraft
Knowledge Creativity Teamwork Parkour Talking
?? / 100
?? / 100
68 / 100
?? / 100
76 / 100
Acting Friendly Hostility Activity '
80 / 100
51 / 100
50 / 100
39 / 100


  • He's the fourth Lithuanian that joined DLR.
  • Like Aistissan, LnD knows Proptic in real life.

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