Rewas World is a world where The Adventures in Rewas World take place.






A place where everyone first appeared.

A Small Cave HouseEdit

First Shelter.


A special place where people are sent when they die. It was built by Rewas514. It's a small platform made out of white wool. It also has a small cobblestone structure

Hell prisonEdit

A prison for bad people. It was built to control people who did sins. BDR is one of the citizens of the prisons.

Special animalsEdit

JougernBougher raceEdit

Main article: Jogernbougher

JougernBougher race is a new type of wolf breed that appears in Rewas' World. The breed was created by Rewas514.

At first, Rewas spawned one JougernBougher which it was immediately tamed by LnDProductions. When LnDProductions was killed, the wolf also followed him to heaven. The first JougherBougher was ultimately killed by Jbadboy and then Rewas514 immediately created more than 10 JogernBoughers which it became a new wolf breed.

LnDProductions (Pig)Edit

LnDProductions was a pig that was spawned by Rewas514. The name was inherited from original LnDProductions.

When Jbadboy was starving, he asked the lord for some food. Instead of giving him food, Rewas spawned a pig with a name: LnDProductions. It was quickly killed by Jbadboy.