SatournFan Near PC
SatournFan skin
Username SatournFan
aka SF
Gender Male
Age January 28, 1998 (Template:Four digit-01-28) (age 22)
Nationality Russia Russian
Affiliations DLR, Evolution of Gaming
Minecraft Information
Username SatournFan
Hair color Black
Eye color Brown
Activity Information
Status Active

SatournFan is one of the members of DLR. Like the rest people from Evolution of Gaming people, he decided to join DLR and participate on LnD's channel

He wasn't very active before, but during 2015, he started to participate more often on various events. 


SatournFan's Minecraft skin is based on Claude from Grand Theft Auto III. He has brown hair and brown eyes. He wears a black jacket and dark green pants.


Attack of the B-Team EraEdit

Christmas 2014 EraEdit

Terminus EraEdit

Modded Madness EraEdit

Hardcore Group SurvivalEdit

Main article: Hardcore:SatournFan

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