Team Era
Team Era
Title Team Era
Started March 16, 2012
Ended August 24, 2012
Main Focus Custom maps
Previous Era: LnDProductions Era
Next Era: Tekkit Era
The Team Era, also known as Pre-Tekkit Era, Embercraft Era and Custom Map Era, is the third era of DLR/DYOM Trio. In this era Doublepulse, Rewas514, Jbadboy and Darkseller63 are introduced on LnDProductions' YouTube channel and the beginning of Minecraft custom maps. This era is preceded by LnDProductions Era and followed by Tekkit Era.


First video with a FriendEdit

The era started when Doublepulse and LnDProductions started to play Splinter Cell: Conviction OnLive on March 16, 2012 in which Doublepulse debuted on LnDProductions YouTube channel.

Group seriesEdit

Main article: Embercraft Survival

After two days, Doublepulse, Rewas514 (as gtaman896) and LnDProductions began their survival in Embercraft server, which marked the debut of Rewas514. Back then, the team used a cracked Minecraft client and played on a cracked server, so they didn't have any Minecraft skins at that time. The survival lasted until March 29.

Amnesia and Rockstar GamesEdit

After the survival, LnDProductions uploaded some videos about his gameplay in L.A. Noire,Grand Theft Auto IV multiplayer and Amnesia custom maps. Later, he also tried GTA IV's expansion pack: The Ballad of Gay Tony multiplayer where he played in a deathmatch mode.

DYOM walkthroughsEdit

LnD decided to do a walkthrough of his own mission pack called No Rules in the Sands, which was one of the popular mission packs in DYOM community. He also decided to make and upload a trailer of a mission pack which is worked on together with Doublepulse. It's called Cold Year and it consists two different stories.

The Creeper QuestEdit

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Timeline (2012)Edit

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