King EZBeast
Aliases: King Dalton
Alignment: Good
Status: Alive(in 2023)
Deceased(in 2033)
Cause of Death: Betrayed and executed by SatournFan leading the Pulse cultists. (in 2023)
Personal Information
Occupation: King of Tekkit Kingdom
World: Tekkit World
Home: Tekkit Kingdom
Affiliations: The Resistance
Partner: SatournFan(former)
First: Tekkit Kingdom

King EZBeast is a character of Tekkit 2 series, the sequel to Tekkit series. He is the leader/king of the Tekkit Kingdom.


After the war between LnDPro and Evilpulse, 15 years have passed and the world moved on. Some people honored freedom and peace of LnDPro and others honored order and destruction of Evilpulse and thus gathered people into groups, into towns and kingdoms. Tekkit Kingdom honors LnDPro and fights against the Pulse cultists.

Some years later, Tekkit Kingdom is betrayed and gets ambushed by Pulse cultists, the town burns down, people get murdered and the King - executed. SatournFan is the one who betrays the Kingdom and years later, builds a Pulse Inc. to develop more power and order in Tekkit world.

Death (2033, Before the events of Tekkit 2)Edit

Killed by:Edit

In 2023, SatournFan led the Pulse cultists in to Tekkit Kingdom, burned and destroyed the whole place and King EZBeast was executed by them.


Season 1Edit

  • Tekkit Kingdom
  • Innkeeper's Disappearance
  • Something's Fishy Here
  • Case Closed
  • Cleaning The Sewers
  • Tonight Is The Night
  • The Execution
  • The Evil Project

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