Player: Darkseller63 Darkseller63
Alignment: Good
Status: Deceased
Cause of Death: Sacrifices himself to the prison zombies
Personal Information
Occupation: Unknown
World: Tekkit World
Home: Tekkit Town
First: New People in Town
Last: The Great Escape

Darkseller63 was one of the minor characters of Tekkit series .


Darkseller was just an ordinary person who mined and crafted stuff. He lived in a small house in Tekkit Town. He helped LnDProductions, Rewas514, Doublepulse and Jbadboy with various stuff.

When Evilpulse took over Tekkit Town and betrayed everyone, Darkseller was imprisoned along with LnDProductions by Jbadboy. Suddenly, Jbadboy let them both out of the prison, but Zombies who were inprisoned were also let out. While escaping from the prison with LnD, Darkseller sacrifised himself for LnD to escape. He was killed by a horde Zombies.


Killed by:Edit

When their prison doors suddenly opened, they did not expect that Jbadboy would let out the zombies. While making a run for the doors, Darkseller shuts the doors and runs into the prison zombies to prevent them from bashing the doors and get LnDProductions.

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