New Jbadboy
Player: Jbadboy Jbadboy
Alignment: Evil
Status: Deceased
Cause of Death: While being cornered, LnDProductions kills him with a sword
Personal Information
Occupation: Sidekick
World: Tekkit World
Home: Tekkit Town, Nether Prison
Affiliations: Evilpulse

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Episode 54: An Old Recorded Tape Jbadboy

Jbadboy is one of the main characters and later the secondary antagonist of Tekkit series.


Jbadboy was a newcomer in Tekkit Town. He had a small house across Rewas' bunker. He helped citizens of Tekkit Town to make tools, devices, etc.

It is later revealed that Jbadboy worked secretly with Evilpulse in order to take over Tekkit Town and kill or imprison them. He was in charge of prison in Nether, where he kept an eye on his two favourite prisoners: LnDProductions and Darkseller63. He was later killed by LnDProductions.


Killed by:

While controlling the whole Nether prison, Jbadboy lets out LnDProductions and Darkseller just to have fun with them. He lets LnD in his chamber where he tortures him with letting out a lot of zombies, but that fun ends and his machinery gets destroyed, making him to go out and kill LnDProductions, but fails.

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