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Player: LnDProductions LnDProductions
Alignment: Hero
Status: Deceased
Cause of Death: His own nuke explosions
Personal Information
Occupation: Professor
World: Tekkit World
Home: Tekkit Town
First: Welcome to Tekkit World
Last: The Finale

This town is going down, Evilpulse

Episode 57: Kill or be Killed LnDProductions

Professor. LnDProductions is the protagonist of Tekkit series.


LnD lived his peaceful life in Tekkit World. He built a house and crafted Tekkit constructions for a better life. Later, Doublepulse joined him and together they started building Tekkit Town. Later, Rewas514, Jbadboy and Darkseller63 joined them aswell. Together they've expanded their town.

Evilpulse EraEdit

In some time, Doublepulse revealed his evil plan to take over Tekkit world, changing his name to Evilpulse. Jbadboy joined his side and together, they nuked Tekkit Town. Luckily, everyone survived the blast. Having no where to go, LnD discovered a house which belongs to Rewas. Together they were coming up with a plan to take revenge against Evilpulse and his betrayal. Rewas had to take a vacation, so LnD had to continue to plan alone.


Later, LnD decided to face off Evilpulse and take his revenge, but sadly, he was captured. He later found out that he exploded Rewas' house, along with the owner. Then, he was taken to the Nether prison which it was controlled by Jbadboy. He also discovered that Darkseller was alive and imprisoned with him. They found a way to escaped their cells, but a zombie horde was chasing them, so Darkseller decided to sacrifise his life in order for LnD to fulfil everyone's wish - kill Evilpulse.

The EscapeEdit

Firstly, he decided to kill Jbadboy for betraying and joining Evilpulse. He successfully killed Jbadboy and found a way to escape the Nether. After escaping, he found Evilpulse and faced off in a dule near the lava. While LnD and Evilpulse were fighting they fell into a lava, dying together.


Killed by:Edit

Making Evilpulse fall into a pit of lava on top of the volcano did not help at all, so LnDProductions thought about planting nukes all around the volcano, but to prevent Evilpulse from getting out of that lava, LnDProductions jumps in the lava with Evilpulse and nukes go off, killing them both.


  • Although, in the final episode, it shows the nukes go off and explodes everything, killing both Evilpulse and LnDProductions, LnD actually survived that explosion because of his explosion proof armor.