Tekkit Rewas
Player: Rewas514 Rewas514
Alignment: Good
Status: Deceased
Cause of Death: Explosion caused by Evilpulse
Personal Information
World: Tekkit World
Home: Tekkit Town (formerly)
First: New People in Town
Last: A Sorrowful Day

Rewas514 is a character in Tekkit series.


Joining Tekkit

Rewas joined LnD and Doublepulse while they were developing their new lifestyle in Tekkit world. Darkseller and Jbadboy soon joined them as well.

Evilpulse Era

It was later revealed that Doublepulse had planned to kill betray LnD and take over Tekkit world by himself and Jbadboy. Doublepulse changed his name to Evilpulse and began his evil by destroying Tekkit Town. Luckily, everyone survived the blast. While hiding from Evilpulse, Rewas started his new life. He built a new house far away from Tekkit Town. Later, LnD found his house and decided to help him. Him and Rewas started to plan to take revenge against Evilpulse. After some time, Rewas decided to go on vacation alone. 


While on vacation, it was revealed that Rewas from another world took control over his boy in order for him to collect emeralds and transport it to his world. He used Tekkit Rewas' crossbow to kill Iron Golems, successfully escape and return to his own world

After his vacation, Rewas, while not in control anymore, returned to his home, he entered the house and it exploded, killing Rewas in progress.


Killed by:

After LnDProductions gets captured, Evilpulse plants some nukes as a trap inside Rewas' hut, when Rewas514 gets back from vacation, he sets off the traps and dies in a huge nuke explosion. Because of LnDProductions, this would have never happened.

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