Season 1Edit

Here is the list of all the episodes of the series with every each episode's description.

Episode No. Episode Title Episode Description Uploading Date

Episode 1

Welcome Back

A brand new day in Tekkit, it's time to survive, do some crafting and explore the world... or that's what LnDPro thinks he has to do.

April 28, 2017
Episode 2 I'm Breaking You Out

While LnDPro thinks he is surviving and doing a new series, a mysterious character blows up the wall and wants to break him out from "prison".

April 29, 2017
Episode 3 Welcome To Pulse Inc.

Rewas from the past and the newly cloned LnDPro are trying to find their way out from Pulse Inc.

May 5, 2017
Episode 4 Tekkit Kingdom

After Rewas used the time portal to go back in time, LnDPro and him end up 10 years back in the past and find themselves in Tekkit Kingdom.

May 6, 2017
Episode 5 Innkeeper's Disappearance King Dalton of Tekkit Kingdom tasks Rewas and LnDPro to find out what happened to their beloved Innkeeper. May 12, 2017
Episode 6 Something's Fishy Here After Rewas left LnDPro with King Dalton, he meets Satournfan from the past who is the mayor of Tekkit Kingdom and is up to something not good! May 13, 2017
Episode 7 Case Closed More citizens of Tekkit Kingdom keep disappearing, they were last seen at the mill and so LnDPro goes to investigate it. May 19, 2017
Episode 8 Mysterious Bunker Noah_Clubb have witnessed that something weird is going on beyond the walls of Tekkit Kingdom and wants LnDPro and Rewas to help him investigate it. May 20, 2017
Episode 9 Cleaning The Sewers Satournfan informs King EZBeast that the sewers are infested with some kind of monsters. LnDPro and Rewas have to clean it up. May 26, 2017
Episode 10 Tonight Is The Night Waking up and noticing that Tekkit Kingdom is on fire and has been ambushed by Pulse Cultists, LnDPro and Rewas have to save King EZBeast from his demise! May 27, 2017
Episode 11 The Execution After finding out that Satournfan was responsible for everything, King EZBeast orders his execution. June 2, 2017
Episode 12 The Evil Project Rewas, LnDPro and King EZBeast travel back to the future to stop Satournfan, but they soon find out that it is worse than they thought. June 3, 2017

Season 2Edit

Episode No. Episode Title Episode Description Uploading Date

Episode 1

Tekkit Legends After confronting Satournfan, both of them portal themselves into a whole dimension - Tekkit Legends.
Episode 2 The Akakee's After being confronted by the Akakee's leader, LnDPro and SatournFan meet someone new and help their way to escape the prison cells.
Episode 3 Out With A Bang Making their way through the Akakee's Village, LnDPro and SatournFan stumble upon an armory full of stuff that might help defeat Fakee_Akakee.
Episode 4 An Old Dwarven Forge Following Molderon's letter, LnDPro and SatournFan walk their way towards an Old Dwarven Forge, abandoned after a great Tekkit War, it is now infested with creatures.
Episode 5 Remainings of a Tekkit War Inside the Old Dwarven Forge, LnDPro and SatournFan discover history of what happened to the place, about a great Tekkit War and a left over nuke.
Episode 6 Seakey Bay Molderon leads LnDPro and SatournFan to a pirate city on water - Seakey Bay and they meet the captain.
Episode 7 Dirty Business The pirate captain Kreks orders LnDPro and SatournFan to go around the Seakey Bay and racketeer citizens and get his gold back to him.
Episode 8 Become The Leader The pirate Captain Kreks orders LnDPro to execute Seakey Bay Mayor and destroy the documents about his leadership.
Episode 9 Party Like Crazy Captain Kreks hosts a huge pirate party in their ship and wants LnDPro and SatournFan to participate, but someone is performing a mutiny.
Episode 10 Pirate War The other pirates from another town have arrived to take over Seakey Bay - LnDPro, SatournFan and Captain Kreks must go to war and defend the town!
Episode 11 Captain's Dead Someone has assassinated Captain Kreks while he was sleeping, LnDPro and SatournFan must investigate and find out who is guilty of this murder.
Episode 12 Brother's Revenge While interrogating Molderon in the prison cells, a massive nuke happens in the center of Seakey Bay - Yakee calls out to LnDPro and SatournFan and wants to get his revenge for Fakee's death.

Non-Canon VideosEdit

Video Video Description Uploading Date
Teaser Trailer

A teaser for Tekkit 2.

Mar 31, 2017
Season 1 Trailer

A trailer for Season 1 of Tekkit 2.

April 16, 2017
Welcome To Tekkit Kingdom

A presentation video of Tekkit Kingdom.

April 20, 2017
Meet The Mayor A promotional video of Tekkit Kingdom Mayor - SatournFan April 24, 2017
Season 1 Bloopers & Outtakes Bloopers & Outtakes montage of Season 1 recordings. June 9, 2017


  • Episode The Trade was retitled and rescripted to Mysterious Bunker, it was previously supposed to be a trade with a man who lives on the water outside of Tekkit Kingdom. Now it is to investigate a bunker that was set up.
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