Tekkit World is a world where Tekkit series and Tekkit 2 take place.


World residents

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Tekkit Town

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Secret House

It's a secret house where LnDProductions and Rewas514 were hiding after Evilpulse betrayed them. The house had a lobby and an attic. House was surrounded by a farm and a bridge. It was destroyed by Evilpulse. The explosion took Rewas514's life.

Nether Prison

Ruled by Evilpulse's henchman Jbadboy. It has many zombie prisoners.

Lava Mountain

A dark mountain that has lava on top. The final battle between LnD and Evilpulse took place here. Together, they died in that lava.

Unknown Village

A village that has a lot of emeralds. While Zaver took over Rewas' body, while the latter was on his vacation, he snuck into the village and stole 15 emeralds. He later escaped from horde of mobs to his own world.

Tekkit War

Tekkit War

Tekkit War


The Finale


Tekkit Town

  • Rewas' house is destroyed
  • Tekkit Town is destroyed
  • Everyone dies

Town Citizens

Evilpulse Army




Tekkit War is the most huge conflict in Tekkit World.

The Beginning of the War

Doublepulse reveals his plan to take over the world and he changes his name to Evilpulse, reflecting more of his true evil persona.

He started his evil scheme by nuking Tekkit Town and remaking it. Luckily, everyone survived the nuke blast. Darkseller was captured by Evilpulse and Jbadboy joined him. LnDProductions was captured, but luckily, he escaped from Evilpulse's small prison and ran into the wild.

Preperations for War

Later, LnD found Rewas' new house with the owner and together, they started to plan their strategy and fight back against Evilpulse.

Tekkit 2

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