Tekkit cover
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Title Tekkit
Created by LnDProductions
Starring LnDProductions
Genre Role-play
Seasons 4
Era Tekkit Era
Hardcore Era
Voltz Era
No of Episodes 58(Official series)
1(Tekkit Space)
Series Run
Status: Completed
Started: August 24, 2012
Ended: July 18, 2013
For the articles with the same name, see Tekkit.

Tekkit is a series created by LnDProductions. The series take place in a Minecraft modification called Tekkit.

A sequel of the series called Tekkit 2 is planned appear this Fall.


Main article: Tekkit World

LnDProductions decided to start a new peaceful life in Tekkit. He wanted to built as many machines as possible. The more he built, the more people decided to join his life, but then something bad happends and LnD's peaceful life ends.


Season 1: World Without Evil

The start of the series. Surviving and building, LnDProductions struggles in getting all the stuff done and getting himself in a safe place, because he knows the evil within Tekkit.

No Episode Name Notes
1 Welcome to Tekkit World Series begins
2 The First Building
3 Mining a Mining Place
4 Diamonds Are Dangerous
5 Shed Sweet Shed
6 More Diamonds
7 The Condenser
8 Expanding The Shed
9 Glowstone Mission
10 Philosopher's Stone
11 Destruction Catalyst
12 Decoration
13 Redstone Timer
14 Infinite Cobblestone Maker
15 Rubber, Computer, Wireless Modem
16 Wireless Mining Turtle
17 Generator, Macerator, Quarry

Season 2: Industrial Era

A new era has begun as more people entered the world of Tekkit. LnDProductions meets the first citizen - Doublepulse, building his own factory. They both help each other out in doing some industrial work. Later on, more people have arrived! Rewas514, Darkseller63 and Jbadboy. They all have formed a town, the Tekkit Town. With a lab underneath and houses and factories around, they were going to live an industrial life... until one day.

No Episode Name Uploaded
18 Evil Mastermind Doublepulse Doublepulse joins
19 A Helping Hand
20 Trouble with the Quarry
21 Leonardo The Mining Turtle
22 New People in Town Rewas and Darkseller join
23 Alarm System Alarm system is built
24 Solar Panels
25 Planning the Lab
26 The Underground Lab
27 MFE
28 Solar Panel Tower
29 Nuclear Researching Time!
30 Making Progress With Nuclear
31 The Extractor
32 The Nuclear & Sense of Betrayal
33 Tekkit War Tekkit War begins
34 Prison Break

Season 3: Apocalypse Era

The start of the new life, homeless and starving, LnDProductions is lost. With Doublepulse running the Tekkit town, it's now Evilpulse Town and every citizen of it have split. Except for Jbadboy, he's working for Doublepulse and he is planning for dominating the world, making explosions everywhere. Darkseller63 disappeared somewhere, while Rewas514 is going to help LnDProductions to defeat Doublepulse.

No Episode Name Uploaded
35 The New Beginning
36 Chores
37 Automatic Melon Farm
38 Planning Stuff Up
39 Infliltration
40 The Big Hole
41 Rebuilding The Lab
42 Home Sweet Home
43 Swiftwolf's Rending Gate
44 Red Matter
45 Another Sneaky Robbery
46 Setting Things Up
47 Carbon Plate Generator
48 NanoSuits
49 Where Are You?
50 Plan B
51 A Sorrowful Day Rewas dies

Season 4: Battle for Freedom

After being captured, after losing a friend and a home... LnD is trapped in the new Prison in the Nether controlled by Jbadboy. But he is not alone, Darkseller63 is there as his company. The two must find a way out and finally defeat Doublepulse.

No Episode Name Uploaded
52 No Hope
53 The Great Escape LnDProductions vs Jbadboy
54 An Old Recorded Tape
55 Back From Hell
56 The One to Bury
57 Killed or Be Killed
58 The Finale LnDProductions vs Evilpulse

Tekkit Space

Main article: Tekkit Space

Bonus Episode of Tekkit. What happens when we all come from different dimensions into one place - The Moon?


  • Normally, the Tekkit series was just a survival series, building and exploring. Until an idea came up and it turned into acting with role-playing and an ending.

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