The Lukas Intros
Title The Lukas Intros
Created by LnDProductions
Starring LnDProductions
Genre Intro
No of Episodes 13 (Currently)
Series Run
Status: Active
Started: Feb 26, 2017
The Lukas Intros are short intros used in every new video of LnDPro. They are mostly short-comedic videos engaging viewers to watch the videos with some aggressive or funny methods. They are based on the TV show Shameless intros where the actors talk to the viewers about what they've missed in the previous episodes.

Winter UpdateEdit

The Winter Update is the very first edition to The Lukas Intros, the very first intros ever made. This update was recorded and released on Feb 26, 2017. The very first video was Resident Evil 7 Part 14.

All these intros were recorded with the help of Aistissan.

Winter Update contains 5 episodes with additional re-edited versions:

Green Screen UpdateEdit

Purple Sweater UpdateEdit

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