The Mystery of the Magical Tree
Title The Mystery of the Magical Tree
Created by LnDProductions
Starring Doublepulse
Genre Role-play, Christmas Special
Era Christmas 2013 Era
No of Episodes 5
Series Run
Status: Completed
Started: December 15, 2013
Ended: December 26, 2013
The Mystery of the Magical Tree is a special Christmas role-play episodic series by LnDProductions.


In 2012... LnD, Doublepulse and Rewas been having a camp out in the middle of the forest. They had their own memory tree where they placed their 2012 memories on it.
After the incident and the tree got blown up, they traveled somewhere else and built themselves houses. Santa Claus wanted them to guard The Magical Tree that sends gifts by portals to Minecrafters. The Magical Tree has it's own mind and wants them do to chores.

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