Player: Doublepulse Doublepulse
Alignment: Good
Status: Alive
Personal Information
Occupation: Financial Adviser (Former)
Inspector (Former)
World: Voltz World
Home: Voltz Neighborhood 52

Inspector Doublepulse is a major character in Voltz series.


When LnDProductions and Jbadboy bought their villa, Doublepulse introduced himself to them. While LnD and Jbadboy improved their house, Doublepulse visited them and praised their rooms. After some time, Rewas514 became the new governor of the neighborhood and Doublepulse decided to go on a vacation. After the events of Z's true plan and Jbadboy's disappearance, Doublepulse returned to the neighborhood and blamed everything on LnD. After they both reunited with each other Doublepulse decided to join LnD, because he didn't have any other choice.

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