Rewas514 Voltz:Rewas514 Voltz


Rewas514 2

Young Rewas

Player: Rewas514 Rewas514
Aliases: Rewas
Alignment: Evil
Status: Unknown
Personal Information
Occupation: Insurance Manager (Former)
World: Voltz World
Home: Governor's Residence
Affiliations: Voltz Neighborhood 52 (former)
First: The New Governor
Last: When Things Go Wrong

Governor Rewas514 also known as Z was a minor character and currently, the main antagonist of Voltz Series


When he arrived to Voltz Neighborhood 52, Rewas officially becomes the new governor of the neighborhood. He also made a new enemy - Jbadboy.

After some time, Rewas revealed his plan and started to threaten LnD and Jbadboy, told them to live their last moments. The team chased Rewas into the lava, which was a secret entrance to his base. LnD and Jbadboy confronted Rewas and later the governor activated self-destruct in his base, destroying his underground headquarters and making Jbadboy with Rewas disappear, leaving their fates unknown.

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