Voltz Neighborhood #52
Name Voltz Neighborhood #52
Type Neighborhood
Headquarters Treaty Museum (S2)
Mayor The Government of Voltz
Population 9 (former)
Status Destroyed
World Voltz World
Appearances Voltz series

The Voltz Neighborhood #52 is a neighborhood in Voltz World of the Voltz series.



Tax Office/Doublepulse ResidenceEdit

A building built by Inspector Doublepulse, so he could have a place to live and also a place to keep all the taxes that the residences of Voltz Neighborhood #52 pay.

Testificate ResidenceEdit

A building where all of the six testificates live in the neighborhood.

Jbadboy and LnDProductions ResidenceEdit

A building where Jbadboy and LnD live. LnD bought this villa so that he and his partner Jbadboy could have a place to live in Voltz World and a place to start their terorristic plans on dominating the world. LnD asked the men who built the villa to also build a secret lab inside with a secret doors which is the TV.

Agreement HallEdit

This is a building where Governor Rewas keeps the agreement of being a good Voltz citizen and having no Voltz technology. It's mainly the town hall of the neighborhood.

Darkseller63 ResidenceEdit

The headquarters of the famous archive holding company. The HQ has all the buying, selling, trading information around all the neighborhoods. It keeps all the darkest secrets, it holds the dangerous info. It's also where Darkseller63 lives.

Rewas514 ResidenceEdit

This is the place where the Governor Rewas lives, it's underneath the Agreement Hall.

Governor TowerEdit

This is a tower with a symbol representing that the Governor lives in this neighborhood.

Watch TowerEdit

A simple watch tower that was built to relax and watch the beautiful horizons. The same tower that was almost hit by an explosive rocket launched by Darkseller63.

Rewas514 Research LabEdit

This is the place where Governor Rewas had research on different type of things and also kept in contact with the aliens from the moon. It's access was the most unexpected access ever... diving into the lava pool in the middle of the neighborhood.

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