Voltz ruler
Title Voltz
Created by LnDProductions
Starring Doublepulse
Genre Let's Play/Role-Play, action
Seasons 3
Era Voltz Era
No of Episodes 37
Series Run
Status: Completed
Started: February 9, 2013
Ended: December 4, 2013
For the articles with the same name, see Voltz.

Voltz is a series created by LnDProductions. The series take place in a Minecraft modification called Voltz.


LnDProductions and Jbadboy bought a villa in a Voltz Neighborhood #52. But they also have a secret laboratory inside the villa with a secret passage where they plan on researching all kinds of rocket launchers, grenades, nuclears and dominate the world. Will they succeed in doing that when there is an Inspector keeping his eye on them.

The more progress they do, the more danger comes upon them.



Season One: Welcome to VoltzEdit

The start of the series, LnDProductions escorts Jbadboy to their new villa in Voltz Neighborhood #52. They seem like nice players that are here to relax and have a nice life, but LnD had a lab built behind their TV where they plan and construct things like rockets, grenades, explosives to dominate the world. They meet an Inspector of Voltz Neighborhood #52, Doublepulse. They have to keep low profile in order to dominate the world, but somehow, nearby the neighborhood, a manager of the famous archive holding company - Darkseller63 finds out about their plans.

No. Episode name Uploaded On
1 Welcome to Voltz Feb 9, 2013
2 Inspector Doublepulse Feb 9, 2013
3 There's No Silver Sword Feb 10, 2013
4 Platinum Armor Set Zombie Feb 14, 2013
5 Steel Dust Feb 16, 2013
6 Bronze Feb 19, 2013
7 Jackpot Feb 21, 2013
8 Sulfur Feb 22, 2013
9 Coal Generator & Battery Box Feb 24, 2013
10 Improvements Mar 2, 2013
11 Nether, Suspiciousness & Payment Mar 3, 2013
12 A New Threat May 9, 2013
13 Camouflage Bunker May 11, 2013
14 Explosives May 12, 2013
15 Attempted Endervasion May 14, 2013
16 Tasty Revenge With Consequences May 28, 2013

Season Two: RadioactiveEdit

While Jbadboy and LnD were on their vacation, the Voltz neighborhoods declared a new governor - Rewas514. Coming back from their vacation, they find changes in their neighborhood and also that the new Governor is willing to live with them. It turns out that a few months ago, Inspector Doublepulse and Governor Rewas were working together in a company, Doublepulse as a financial advisor, while Rewas was a insurance manager. After the disaster happened in the archive holding company, it appears Darkseller had a core underneat the company which causes an explosion, causing radioactive material spread and attack the neighborhood. It's up to LnD and Jbadboy to fix the problem while the Governor Rewas is planning something divious...

No. Episode name Uploaded On
17 The New Governor June 17, 2013
18 Hazmat Suits June 19, 2013
19 Radioactive Core June 23, 2013
20 Cleaning The Neighborhood Aug 24, 2013
21 The Break Up Aug 26, 2013
22 Bob Aug 28, 2013
23 Evidence Sep 1, 2013
24 Power Armor Sep 3, 2013
25 Doing... Stuff Sep 6, 2013
26 The Truth Sep 29, 2013
27 Rocket Launcher Oct 6, 2013
28 Consequences Oct 7, 2013
29 When Things Go Wrong Oct 8, 2013

Season Three: The Last ProjectEdit

After the big disaster, after the big reveal of the true Governor Rewas, LnD is somewhere stranded on a Moon Hospital, while Jbadboy is gone missing. Coming back to Earth, LnD finds the neighborhood abandoned... trashed. LnD has no choice but to either finish the last project and dominate the world alone or make a run for. Inspector Doublepulse is very mad when he finds out the truth about what happened to the Governor Rewas and the whole neighborhood. What will happen next is up to just these two...

No. Episode name Uploaded On
30 Moon Hospital Oct 19, 2013
31 Abandoned Oct 22, 2013
32 Busted Nov 1, 2013
33 Neighborhood #53 Nov 11, 2013
34 Underground Bombers Nov 13, 2013
35 The Secret Place Nov 30, 2013
36 Electromagnet Power Dec 3, 2013
37 The Last Project

Dec 4, 2013

Voltz 2Edit

LnDPro came up with an idea to continue the Voltz series, but in a different mod pack - Crashed Landing.

Main article: Crashed Landing


One of LnD's livestreams, he came back to the old Voltz map and wanted to repair their old lab, but since the modpack was updated - the whole map was a mess. It was livestreamed on January 24, 2016.

Click here to watch the stream.

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