Wool Race
Wool Race
Title Wool Race
Participants Team Beards:
Team Badass:
Number of Videos 4(LnD's POV)
3(Jbadboy's POV)
Status: Finished
Started: August 20, 2013
Ended: August 24, 2013
Recorded on: August 19, 2013

Wool Race (also known as Race for Wool) is a mini-game on Minecraft.

The objective of this game is to complete the victory monument by finding wool through out the map. The first team that fully completes the monument wins the game


  • Once the game starts, players must stay in their lane at all times. If a player dies and respawns at the Respawn Point, they must re-enter their lane only.
  • If a Player is pushed outside of their 16 width lane, they must kill themselves instantly.
  • Nothing can be broken or taken from the Respawn Point.
  • No PvP in the Respawn Point after the match starts.
  • Players can do whatever you must to survive without going against all other rules.
  • Players can craft, mine, and place blocks.
  • Players can only mine Inside of their track and place blocks inside their track. They can however destroy redstone outside their track.
  • Players can attack the other team using range weapons only. EX. TNT cannons, Bows and arrows, and TNT.
  • Building your own weapons,bows, Cannons, and swords, are allowed.
  • Monster Spawners cannot be destroyed.
  • To win the team Supremacy Monument must be completed.
  • Players cannot craft or dye wool for their teams Supremacy Monument.
  • Wool will be found in chests somewhere in the map.
  • If a team is unable to complete their monument because a Wool chest is emptied by too many tries or falling out of the world with all the wool in their inventory; They lose and the other team wins by default.
  • No player can destroy any Chests containing wool or the Supremacy Monument.
  • Difficulty must be at least easy but never peaceful.


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