Wrath of the Giants

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Wrath of the Giants
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Wrath of the Giants


Season 1

Title Wrath of the Giants
Created by LnDProductions
Genre Role-play, episodic movie
Seasons 1 (Currently)
Series Run
Status: Cancelled
Wrath of the Giants or WOTG would be an episodic movie series led by LnDProductions. The series would be full role-play, no first person let's plays or anything like that, it is nothing like Tekkit or Voltz. The series was never started.


Giants, they have been asleep for many years now. Their time has come to be awaken in the new world. One hero from a little town Propindell was given a task to find the King's missing men, while searching for them, the hero triggers something in a temple of the old Giants that wakes the Giants all around the Minecraftia World. Only he can stop them, but will he?


Season 1:Edit

Main Characters
Other Characters

Season 2:Edit

Main Characters
Other Characters


Season 1: PropindellEdit

The fresh wind blows, the sun shines, the town Propindell have never looked lovelier before. Everyone do whatever they are supposed to do, but they all know that long ago, their hero Brennus Emerson had done a lot of things that he is not proud of to protect the town. While being retired, he is once again called out by the King of Propindell on a new task. A task to find King's missing men.

Season 2: Giants Are ApproachingEdit




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Temple of the GiantsEdit

This is a temple of the Giants, where the beacon of defense is held at. The beacon of defense keeps the Giants asleep.


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Curtblood BayEdit

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  • The first episode was supposed to air sometime in February or March, but due to the fact that a very important mod is not updated to the current Minecraft version, the series are post-poned for some time later.
  • The series will be full role-play, nothing like Tekkit or Voltz.
  • The series will use a very important mod - CamStudio.

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