Zaver (also known as Z in Voltz series) is Rewas514's evil side/alter-ego in Minecraft.


Zaver has dark blond hair and red eyes. He also wears a black mask, similar to Bane from Batman.

Zaver's skin has some similarities to Rewas' assassin skin. His clothes' colors are the inverted. He wears the same shirt, jacket, and pants, but with different color. His shirt is red, jacket is black and pants are dark blue. He also wears a belt, which is identical to Rewas' and gloves.



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Zaver first appeared in Voltz series. Although, not revealing his real name, he was called Z. He was acting as a new governor of Voltz Neighborhood 52. He was strict and knew what LnD and Jbadboy were plotting. He later betrayed everyone and killed Jbadboy in a process.

Ultimate Hardcore Group Survival: Aftermath

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After Rewas' victory against LnDProductions, the former joined the evil side and renamed himself to Zaver. He built a cloning machien and upgraded it to world travelling machine where he travelled various worlds in order to gain emeralds from those worlds, so he could use them to take over the worlds of Minecraft.

It is revealed that Zaver from Hardcore travelled to Voltz world where he took over governor Rewas' body to gain emeralds, thus making both Zavers from both worlds the same person.

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